Will the husband please stand up? (Nate’s first post)

Tim HawkinsI must confess that I am a certified “Elbow-flapper” when it comes to worship. I will typically stand with my arms folded, a far-off look on my face, and sing at a level low enough an owl would have a hard time hearing me. This is not because of lack of worship, but simple respect for my fellow churchgoers. Let me assure you, if I sing out, raise my hands, groove as I “get my worship on”, a distraction would officially be in the room.

Yesterday was different. I found my mind wonder, my heart break, as I felt the work and oppression of Satan on the people of God. It wasn’t me, it was my fellow church goers. The amount of pain and sadness, illness and hurt, was overwhelming. To listen and pray and take note of so many people, in church, during worship, full of suffering. And it brought the question to mind, “God, why the suffering?” I knew the answer. God is teaching Becky and I about suffering in about every area of our lives. As Believers, we can expect suffering. Jesus suffered. Peter suffered. Stephen suffered. Suffering is going to happen. When? How? How long? The bigger question is, how will we handle it? Will God be glorified in my life, in my suffering? But this post isn’t about suffering, it is about sin.

You see, so much of the suffering I saw was a result of sin. Not all of it, but a lot of it. I am not judging, and certainly not looking past my own life, but sin is everywhere and in everyone and suffering is a result. And then it hit me, so much of the suffering I see is because of people just like me. Husbands. Fathers. Sons. We cannot exist in a life of sin, full of pride, selfishness, lust, anger, etc. and expect that it will only affect us. Especially not if you have a family that relies on you, looks to you as their leader and provider.

Everyday I see Godly women heartbroken because their husbands are making selfish choices, driving a stake through the heart of Christian Womenmarriage. I see fathers who don’t have enough respect for their children to put down the remote, so they can lay in bed and read them a story before bed. I see sons rebelling against the years of Godly wisdom sewn into them by parents whose knees are raw from hours of prayer. This is suffering.

Husbands. Don’t let your wife suffer because of your sin. Fathers. Don’t let your children fill with hate, because you weren’t there. Sons, do you really think you know better than the one who brought you in to this world? Sin is destroying our marriages and our families. We have an enemy. We are in a battle. We just need a leader.

Will the husband please stand up?