10 on the 10th, Questions.

There are so many unknowns when you’re the newest kids on the block. Because we’ve asked, and been asked so many questions in the past week since arriving to our final destination, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of our wonderings with our readers. I thought I could keep it to 10, but I couldn’t. There are 16.  And hopefully, by next month, I’ll have a good enough internet connection that I can go back to posting photos with all the words.

What do you do in Kijabe? Where are you from? How long have you been here? How old are your kids? When are you leaving for your home assignment? How long will you be gone?
What do all these acronyms stand for?!
How do I make homemade bagels, bread, pizza dough, graham crackers, my own sour cream etc?
How much is that in dollars again?
Directions: How do I get to so-and-so’s house? Which way to the duka (store)? Which trail do we take?
Where are the best roadside places in Nairobi to purchase furniture?
You found that black mamba (deadliest snake in Africa) where?!
What are we eating next and at whose home we will eat it? Ours or yours?
Does that zipline work?
Have you seen the lady that makes and sells the samosas? The tortillas? The english muffins?!
Did you get that here or did you bring it from the States?
How do we get the internet to work on our phones? In our house?!
Where’s the best place to get our milk? How do you pasteurize it? Can we get our milk at the school like our friends that live up there do?! (They just drop off their milk containers in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.)
Is that rain? (nope, it’s monkey pee)
How did you go about buying your car? (bought from a missionary leaving, ex-pat magazine, dealers in nairobi, called this guy someone told us to call, etc)
Who do I call for the chicken delivery on Tuesday? For the cheese delivery? For the meat guy? Where did you say the best place to buy streaky bacon was?!
Will you mentor me? I have a lot to learn. (Luckily, she said yes!!)