10 on the 10th, The ’50s

Top 10 ways living in Africa is what I imagine living in the 1950s was like.
  1. Laundry hangs on the line to dry and all dishes are done by hand.IMG_4071
  2. People still dress modestly, for the most part.
  3. Food is made from scratch and the lady of this house lives in her ruffled apron.
  4. We walk more than we drive (especially since we don’t have a car yet).
  5. Our kids walk to school with all the other kids in the neighborhood.IMG_4247
  6. We drink cokes in 300ml glass bottles and collect bottle caps.IMG_3172
  7. I’ve heard the hymn, “Blessed Assurance” sung in church multiple times.
  8. We have a tv, but no programming.
  9. If you are at someone’s house in the morning hours, you will be served tea and treats.
  10. We have milk delivered fresh from the cow twice a week.