I’ve done an okay job of posting some photos to Instagram and Facebook, but I feel I’ve neglected the blog a bit. Just gonna post an assortment of pics from the last few weeks of life here.


We’ve used the pizza oven quite a bit already. This means lots of pizza dough-making!


Digging in the dirt is a favorite pastime for every kid in this family. This is Natalie planting her fairy garden.


We have had the privilege of beginning this journey with many other families who are also new to Africa. This is a fraction of the kids checking things out from a 3rd story apartment.


Lots of climbing around here too. I guess when you see so many monkeys on a daily basis it gets in your blood.


Up through the tires, grab a branch above your head, pull and climb. Have a bit of lunch. Soar down the zipline.


Opening our first care package! Ridiculous how excited we were.


Reading mail. Two letters in one day! It doesn’t take a package to make us feel special. If you’re interested, our mailing address is: Cooks, AIC Kijabe Hospital, Box 20, Kijabe, Kenya 00220. Write and we’ll write back!


Countdown to our first visitors, Granny and Grandaddy! The plane has moved down to 10…only 10 more days to go!


Family devos. Beckett is strumming the air guitar and Sutton is on the drum. Been nice to have a few nights of family worship together. Never did that in the States.


Puppet shows before bed. The excitement of the bunk bed has not worn off.


Bumping over the rocky terrain to the duka to get veggies.


Saw this on a trip to Nairobi. Nothing like a little corn on the cob for a quick snack.


Green chili burritos have been a favorite of ours since a friend brought them to us in the weeks after Natalie was born. Making them in Africa has proven to be a bit more challenging. What used to come from a can, now must be made from scratch: refried beans, green and red enchilada sauces, cream of mushroom, tortillas. Luckily, they have green chilis at the grocery so we didn’t have to grow and roast those ourselves! And we get the beef already minced too!


Language learning. We’ve had 12 days of this so far. Little pictures with a teacher repeating the phrases over and over as we point and listen. At last count we can identify 400 words. We can’t always come up with the words on our own, but we understand them when we hear them. That’s progress!


Lovin the dog.


Such a patient pup.


Learning new skills, like popping the top off the coke bottle.


Doin a little yard work.