Titchie Time

As I’ve said before, Titchie Swot is the name of the elementary school here at Rift Valley Academy (RVA). They call the students who are grades K-6, “titchies.” Being a titchie is a full time job in the very best way. In addition to school 5 days a week complete with tea time treats like chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls or fresh fruit, there are weekly nighttime activities on campus set up just for titchies. During the first three weeks of school so far there has been a night time staff hunt where the kids had to take flashlights and hunt around campus for teachers and their principal, a fun coke date where they met their big brothers and sisters, an ice cream party in their rooms on a Friday night and a Saturday morning of field day fun. This titchie mom and dad can barely keep up, but the kids are loving all the fun. Why so much activity you ask? Well, not all titchies live with their parents. Some of them are boarding students from all over Africa. They live in dorms with dorm parents. I guess having special events helps them feel like part of a big family. I know it’s helped our kids, so we are happy to climb the hill and attend the events. Plus, most titchie events happen from 7-8:30 on Friday nights, so we get to drop them off and go have a little time with our own friends! Win win!


First day of school photo.


This is lower field where the high school football games are played. When it’s a clear day, there’s an incredible view of the valley in the background. Nothing will make you love your school more than attending the games and cheering on the Buffaloes


Natalie and Ruthie waiting on their ice cream and cokes for Coke Date.


Natalie and her big sis, Ruthie!


Beckett and Lars. Sutton was assigned 3 big brothers, so he shared one with his own little bro.


Open house on titchie weekend. We got to sit in on Sutton’s kindergarten classroom. Such a great group of kiddos.


Games on field day.


Third grade vs. the parents.



Preschoolers etc doing their own tug of war. They had their own little group and rotated through the many games and relays set up on titchie field.



Sutton’s class tugging against their parents.


The egg toss cracked Sutton up! (pun intended)


A group shot of Nat’s 3rd grade class.