Little Gift Giver

One of the things I’ll remember and cherish most about this Christmas was the joy of watching our 8 year-old little Natty Pie give each of us in her family a gift. At the beginning of the month she took the shillings she’d earned through doing chores to the annual AIM garage sale at RVA and deliberately shopped for gifts. She wrapped them and proudly placed them under our tree weeks before other gifts would make take their place to join them. On Christmas morning, she was so excited for us to open her gifts. As we tore into each one, revealing the treasures, her thoughtfulness in the choosing of each gift blew me away.

To: Dad  A book entitled Devotions for families that can’t sit still and the book Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson.


To: Sutton   A soccer jersey from somebody’s community soccer league back in the States. He LOVED it, like she knew he would, and put it on immediately. IMG_4356To: Beckett  A soft basketball and 2 coloring books.

To: Mom  A black pair of yoga pants that are a perfect fit!

What a blessing this kid is to our family…and not just because she gives the best gifts!