I’ve been a little slack on posting pictures, or even any posts lately, so I thought I’d share tons of photos from this past month when Granny and Grandaddy came to visit. I think you’ll enjoy this extra little window into our world, as seen by our guests. (Please note: I have to apologize. WordPress (our blog provider) won’t allow me to change the photo orientation and has flipped many of my photos. You may have to see a chiropractor after twisting your neck to properly see the photos! Sorry!)

Our countdown turned to “Today is the Day!” at the end of January. The big kids did a late night run to the airport to pick up G & G, but Beckett had to wait until he woke up the next morning. Here he is, right up and into Granny’s arms first thing that morning. Note the chocolate milk stirrer in his hands. He hadn’t forgotten that Granny=chocolate milk.


Beckett got this photo of our happy, jet-lagged visitors.


It was pure luck that RVA’s Open House, when parents of boarding students come to visit classrooms, fell during the Grands stay. They got to visit both Natalie and Sutton’s classrooms. They even got to see Sutton give a little presentation of some of his writing work. So special for our kiddos.

IMG_5633 IMG_5626

Ready to head up to Titchie Water Field Day

IMG_5638 IMG_5640 IMG_5666 IMG_5660

Enjoying a Sr. Store lunch after water field day…then we got to watch a basketball game. RVA is busy, busy, busy.


Lots of playing in our usual spots.IMG_5721IMG_5719

And then there was Banquet 2016. What an event! We gathered with the crowds to watch the presentation of the couples at Banquet walk-up. Stunning!IMG_5793Having guests turns the daily tasks that have become routine to us, back into something a bit more exciting. For this post you’ll get to see a few more pics of Becky than usual as her still every-so-proud parents take photos of it all. Getting eggs from the duka.

Co-teaching preschool. Look at all those 3 year-old boys! Beckett gets to go to 2 mornings, 2 hours at a time to preschool now. Thinking about enrolling him in a Kenyan preschool next year so he can pick up some Swahili, but that decision is yet to be made.


A stepstool for little pizza lovers. This was just one of Grandad’s many projects while he was here.


He also helped install a few strands of Christmas lights from the pizza oven and across the area where the pizza is served. This may sound easy, but he and Nate had to install 120V (American) outlets outside by the roof before we could begin. They also installed an outlet in our bathroom where there was none before, and a fan above our shower. G-dad also worked on the lawn-mower, the gas going into the oven, the door of the oven, our water faucet and a waterspout at a friend’s house. Not to mention searching all over Nairobi for a special type of glycol that he used to fix a laser in the ENT clinic! Lucky for us and all of Kijabe, that guy doesn’t sit still for long.


Here’s Grandaddy helping out when we had an entire Jr. Girls dorm down for pizza on a night when Nate had to work.


Retired engineer and possible future engineer working together early one morning.


Of course there’s always lots of time for snuggling. For anyone who was concerned, No, Beckett hasn’t forgotten Grandad.

IMG_3582 IMG_3361 IMG_3397

Granny crossing the big Barnes Trail bridge.


A fun shot I’d never be able to get myself.


Grandaddy enjoying the view from the top of the trail. Granny too, I suppose. They certainly earned it!


Natalie spending a little time as the goalie in street hockey.


Beckett has become quite the little hand-holder. I love every time he catches up to me and reaches for my hand, but I has happy to share the responsibility with Grandad for a few weeks.


Attending the local AIC church in Kijabe.


It was so nice to have adult egg holders for a little while! Only 2 days after they left, I had that crate in my lap, hit a bump and the steering wheel cracked one of the outside eggs. Raw egg oozing down my legs and onto the seat of my car. Ick. I do miss my helpers!


It took us a few days to figure out the gas we bought in town was no good. Our oven was out of commission, so we used our outdoor mini gas bomb instead. Granny just rolled with it. That lady could probably fry up the best eggs over an open fire.


More snuggle time with the boys. The most important task of the trip.


Another, and maybe the most glorious thing about having my parents in for a visit was getting to have a weekend away, with just Nate-the-Great for my birthday. Yummy restaurants in Nairobi and time together.

IMG_5671 IMG_2691

I talked Nate into going to the Kenya National Museum, and despite it being MY birthday, somehow we ended up in the Snake House that’s affiliated with the Museum. He’s checking out the Mambas (most deadly snake in Africa, I think). It has a 0% survival rate if you are bitten. Doesn’t looking at these things sound like a fantastic way to spend your b-day if you detest snakes?! Don’t tell him I said so, but it wasn’t actually that bad.

IMG_5677 IMG_2693

Here’s just one picture of the women’s retreat I went to while my parents were visiting. They were able to stay with the kiddos while Nate worked, so I got to go! The ladies who planned the retreat had a spa set up at the conference center. It was incredible.


And one of the most fun perks of having visitors is finally getting around to going to the places we’ve wanted to check out since we arrived. First stop, Amani Ya Juu. They’ve helped women from all over East Africa to be able to make a living for themselves. This is me, mom and 2 other friends at Amani’s cafe for lunch.


Mom and I had another fun morning going to a local tea farm. It’s Kenya’s first tea farm, started around 1910. They explain how we get tea from growing and picking the perfect tea leaf to choosing the perfect tea for your taste. Such rich history, absolutely breathtaking views and delicious tea!


And of course, no trip to Kenya is complete without taking your guests on safari! This was the highlight of their stay for sure. I’ll do a separate post of our safari trip so you can see all the amazing animals and scenery.

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad. As for the rest of you, let us know when you’re headed this way. We’d love to take a break from our normal lives to do some fun things with you!