Rhinos and longhorns and chimps, oh my!

When you live in Kijabe and your kids go to RVA, three times a year, there’s a midterm break. Nearly everyone we know tries to find something fun to do over that long weekend as we don’t get the usual holidays we were used to during the school year, save for the large breaks between terms and short midterm breaks. This was our last midterm break, and in light of us leaving soon, we wanted to try and do something special. I’ve always wanted to see the waterfalls at the Aberdares, so we planned a two night getaway.

When we came to Africa and began the long process of trying to get settled into life here, we were blessed to get to do it alongside a family who became fast friends for life. Once the doctors (Nate and Catherine) got started at the hospital, our time together dwindled. So, we were super excited to get to spend our last break with them exploring a part of Kenya we’d never seen before.

Here are the pics from our quick weekend getaway.

Yep, you can rock wall climb in Kenya.

Here’s the mighty BB proving that “anything you can do I can do too.”

The kids favorite thing to do was explore the vast terrain finding lizards, turtles, birds, etc.

On a day trip to a conservancy we saw many animals we’d not seen before, as well as many we’ve seen multiple times, but it just never gets old.

Baraka, the blind, “tame” rhino you can pet.

We even got a glimpse of the last male northern white rhino…in. the. world. There are also two females. Sadly, they are going extinct and cannot be bred.

Sutton taking some photos of Uncle Tony…

Visiting the chimpanzee reservation. Chimps from Burundi were relocated to this place during a civil war in Burundi. Pretty neat to see them in Kenya.

And then, we finally made it to the waterfalls!!