1. Where exactly are you going and how long will you be gone? Our first assignment is at Kijabe Hospital. Kijabe is a town in Kenya about one hour north of the capital city, Nairobi. Our first term will be 2 years, then we will have a home assignment back in the states for 4-6 months. After that, we aren’t sure if there will still be a need at Kijabe, or if doors will open for other places in Africa. We plan to continue this 2 years there/4 months here cycle until the Lord tells us to do something else.

2. What are you going to be doing? The goal is discipleship. Most likely, Nate will be working in a mission hospital setting doing mostly what he does here in the states, inpatient care of pediatrics. However, he will also be involved in discipling/mentoring young physicians. Nate will also get to pray with his patients and talk openly with them about the gospel. Becky will be taking care of the kids and learning how to meet our daily needs in this new setting. She will also be very involved with the kids’ educations and is sure to find other ministry opportunities as they become apparent. Becky will probably focus mostly on family matters for the first term, and look into more medical needs upon subsequent returns to Africa.

3. Will Nate get paid by the hospital? No. Nate will be a volunteer physician. We will be real live missionaries, raising financial support. His salary will be the same as the other missionaries with AIM, which comes out of the support we raise.

4. Are you taking your kids? Yes. As our missionary mentor during our training week says, “You know, there are already children in Africa.”

5. Are you going to homeschool or will the kids be in an african school? Some missionaries homeschool, some send their children to schools for expatriates if they are available. Our children will attend the Rift Valley Academy that is run by AIM missionaries. It’s a boarding school for over 400 students, and our kids will get to simply walk “up the hill” to be day students! This is a major blessing.

6. Can we come visit? Of course. You know we always encourage visitors wherever we live and luckily, AIM does too.

7. Is it safe? Well, Mama always said, “The safest place to be is in the middle of God’s will,” so we’re gonna go with that. Seriously though, Kijabe is a pretty safe place. Of course there are always things that can happen, but this is not considered a dangerous place. If danger arises, AIM gets us out of harm’s way as quickly as possible. If you are worried for us, go ahead and start praying. We would certainly appreciate it.

8. How can I set up automatic bank withdrawals? Go HERE and fill out the electronic form. It’s safe.